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4 Barriers Threatening the Profitability and Survival of Fencing Companies


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Archive for April, 2012

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Post Hole Digger vs. Easy Auger: Both require only one operator

On a project that ornamental fence was added to an existing line at a ball field, we used an Easy Auger rather than a post hole digger or Bobcat with an auger to dig the post holes. We only needed to add about 250 feet of fence along a sidewalk in an area that was…

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Problems with hook ties compared to pre-formed chain link fence ties

For years, the standard for the fence industry has been to tie fabric with aluminum hook ties. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive. But while on a routine bid spec inspection for the State of Michigan, Delta Fence and Contruction owner Jeff Lancour kicked the fence they were looking at. The hook ties sprung and the…

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