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4 Barriers Threatening the Profitability and Survival of Fencing Companies


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Architects & Engineers

This section is designed to assist Architects & Engineers develop bid specifications for commercial chain link fencing projects they may be working on. L&C Enterprises-USA’s pre-formed fence ties meet ASTM requirements. If you have questions about your project, call us at 866-786-1009.

Crash Barrier Cable Ties


Used to secure a three quarter inch or a one inch barrier cable to the chain link mesh.Will Twist the same as an Easy Twist Tension Wire Tie. Used for race tracks and other security fence with Crash Barrier cables.


The tie shall be a steel wire preformed to go around the cable and a knuckle of the chain link fabric. The two ends shall be power twisted with a tool designed to twist the ends three full twists equivalent to one and one half machine turns.

The tie shall be positioned on the cable with the twisted end protruding in a direction parallel to the fence preventing risk of injury to passing personal. The gauge of the wire tie shall be either 9ga for fences with gauges 9 gauge or larger and 11 gauge for lighter materials.


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