Today we had to do a project out at a golf course and it’s pretty hilly, a lot of rocks and they actually took out the side of the hill but in doing so they created a little bit of difficulty for us to get the concrete in the holes. The cement truck couldn’t get up there very easily to get the concrete in the holes.

So we brought our Auger Bucket. Putting that on the front of the Bobcat actually saved us a lot of time and headaches trying to get the concrete in the hole.

Sometimes you get into positions that you can’t wheel-barrel it very easily and the Bobcat Auger Bucket just makes a lot of sense to use.

The advantage to having a short shoot is that it cleans out nicely. You don’t drip from one hole to the next and leave a mess. Also, the guy in the Bobcat can see a little better because he is looking straight down and he can actually see the end of that shoot and see how much concrete he have to put in that hole.

When we are also using the Bobcat Auger Bucket, on this case , you can actually see that we are using pea gravel. Pea gravel works really nice so it doesn’t wreak the rubber flighting.

Bring that auger out here allowed us to get this concrete poured quick, simple, it was very fast and efficient and that’s the way we like to do things.