talet auger bucketSometimes, hauling cement with a wheel barrel isn’t worth it. It’s easier to haul it and dispense it with an auger bucket that carefully dispenses the right amount of material without breaking your back.

We used the Talet Auger Bucket on a rather challenging project. The chain link fence needed to be put up on a berm that was being constructed for the fence. But the berm didn’t go where we wanted it to go, they didn’t bulldoze it the way it was actually supposed to be, and it wasn’t wide enough. So, we had to zig zag around a little bit. Some places I had to go forward, some places I had to go backwards. Either way I could do it.

The auger bucket came in handy. We are using an extension on it so it holds a lot more concrete. I think it’s three quarters of a yard.

It works off the hydraulics on the skid-steer. I can see from the cab where the concrete is going. That works very well.

The good thing about using the Talet Auger Bucket is we didn’t have to use wheel barrels. It dispenses evenly. It doesn’t make a mess when it goes into the hole. It’s very precise. We can get it into the hole without a lot of drippage. It’s a lot better physically for the fence crew.

Whenever it goes smoothly, I can go quickly. It dispenses real fast. I can’t say how fast it takes to dispense three quarters of a yard but it’s probably less than 30 seconds per hole and I’m going to the next hole. In this particular case, there were 38 holes and it took 45 minutes to fill all of the holes under adverse conditions. We were really pleased with that.