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Fence Installer and Tools to Increase Company Profits

Did you know!? There is a way for fence contractors to cut costs and still be competitive. We gathered the best fence installation equipment available. Some we designed, others are from top manufacturers. All of them are used by us to compete in a highly competitive market. Now, you can too.

hook ties

Problems With Hook Ties

Pre-shaped Easy Twist and Twist Tight Fence Ties are a better alternative to hook ties on commercial chain link projects. See why.

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Architects & Engineers

Specifications and cut sheets from our technical center can assist in designing fencing projects. Download from our list.

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Set posts fast and safely with the EZ SPOT UR Post Setting Machine!

Post setting machine

NOW IN STOCK – EZ SPOT UR Post Setter – Click for More Details!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As an owner of the Barbed Wire Dispenser, I cannot be more pleased with the increase in production our crews have experienced when using this unit. Just the other…

Robby Cearley
“Installink is the greatest! Four men can’t keep up with two men and on Installink. Installink improves company performance and helps keep employees happy. Two-thousand feet of wire up…

C. Hobson Kahl

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How To Get The Job Done Faster and Make More Money

How To Get The Job Done Faster and Make More Money

fence installation equipment

Fence contractors today face fierce competition. Many underbid projects just to have work. How can you increase your profit margin under these conditions? The answer is highly productive fence installation equipment that uses technology to increase productivity with fewer workers.

Our equipment is unique in the industry. We created the Installink, Barbed Wire Dispenser and Rapid Roller based on our experience in the field. The LOBO Post Puller, Rhino Post Drivers and our complete line of fence installation equipment and pre-formed chain link fence ties help you install chain link fence quicker with fewer employees.

L&C Enterprises-USA gives you a competitive edge at a time when it’s most needed. Our crew can help you find the answers.

Go Ahead, Squeeze Me. I'm Easy.

Go Ahead, Squeeze Me. I’m Easy.

Pre-shaped Easy Twist Fence Ties

Pre-shaped Easy Twist Fence Ties are easier to use, faster to install and stronger on the fabric. The easy tensile strength design makes it easier for workers to squeese around fence posts. Twisting is fast with the custom drill bit tool. Crews can consistently tie steel Easy Twist Ties faster than tying steel hook ties by hand on commercial projects. And they stay securely tied.

Easy Twist Ties come in a variety of shapes for different posts and applications. We can advise you on which Easy Twist Tie is right for your job. Call us today to find out how pre-shaped fence ties can help you make more money by getting the job done faster.

Watch our video to see how easy Easy Twist Ties are to use.

Promoting Worker Safety

Promoting Worker Safety

installing fences

Installing fences can be hard work. Frequent stooping, bending, pulling, lifting, and straining can put tremendous wear and tear on your workers.

To alleviate the physical stress, we found better ways to install fence. It started with the development of the Installink Fence Dispenser. Workers no longer roll out fabric, hold it in place and use come-a-longs to pull it tight. The goal is to have the equipment take on the burden of installing fence. Yet, many do not take advantage of specialized equipment.

Not only is it better for your employees, it cuts down on health care costs and hours lost to worker’s compensation and medical leave. Contact us today to learn more.