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4 Barriers Threatening the Profitability and Survival of Fencing Companies


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Chain Link Fence Ties

Pre-formed fence ties are faster to install and securely tied every time they’re twisted. They make a big difference in the profitability of your fence projects. Choose Easy Twist Chain link Fence Ties for most commercial chain link jobs. Twist Tight Ties are designed for prison facilities and other high secure areas. Self-Locking Fabric Bands are a safe alternative in residential and recreational areas. Our hog rings are designed to be used in the Hog Ring Tool magazine. We sell our ties for contrator and sales distributor use only.

Easy Twist Ties

Easy Twist Fence Ties are the most commonly used pre-shaped fence ties used by installers on large c…
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Self-Locking Fabric Bands

Self-locking fabric bands give a professionally-installed look to a fence as well as a strong and se…
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Twist Tight Ties

Twist Tight® Fence Ties were designed specifically to meet the high standards of correctional in…
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chain link fence ties

Collated Hog Rings

The 25-ring clip of 9 gauge collated hog rings are for use in the Hog Ring Fencing Tool. Easy to l…
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