Barrett Madsen

We bought an Instalink in the fall of 1989, and it is still going strong today. Since then, we have bought and used many items sold by your company all of them top notch equipment.

Robby Cearley

As an owner of the Barbed Wire Dispenser, I cannot be more pleased with the increase in production our crews have experienced when using this unit. Just the other day I sent a two man crew out on a that I figured would take eight hours to complete. I was shocked when the foreman called me to ask what else I wanted them to do as the job had only taken two hours to complete! I had neglected to factor in the Barbed Wire Dispenser versus the old way we used to run barbed wire.

C. Hobson Kahl

Installink is the greatest! Four men can’t keep up with two men and on Installink. Installink improves company performance and helps keep employees happy. Two-thousand feet of wire up and tight in one day is common practice now.

Jeniene Blatt

The Rapid Roller saves us at least 50 percent in labor costs versus rolling up chain link without one. This unit allows us to get in tight spots and still roll up the chain link. I know it helps prevent back injuries. The Rapid Roller helps make us more competitive which can really make a difference on prevailing wage jobs.

C.D. Stroud

Once you’ve used a Talet Auger Bucket you wonder how you ever lived without one! I recently had a job that required setting 350 posts over a 12foot high earthen berm. Using the Talet, it was nothing to go back and forth over the berm. It’s well worth the investment.