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Tension Wire Ties

Ease of Application:

Tension Wire Ties are installed around the tension wire and fabric, pinched together, inserted into the twist tool, and twisted. Depending on the tool used, one end of the tie will twist off allowing the drill and tool to come right off the tie or a rotation of the drill and a pull is required to release the tie. (See Video)


Available in two different designs


high tension wire

Easy Twist Tension Wire Ties:

  • Twisted with an Easy Twist Tool
  • Preformed to fits around the tension wire and one wire of the fabric
  • After twisting the tail can slide down to lay parallel to the fabric


Twist Tight Tension Wire Ties

Twist Tight Tension Wire Ties:

  • Twisted with a Twist Tight Tool.
  • Preformed to fits around the tension wire and the knuckle of the fabric-vertically
  • After twisting the tail will protrude perpendicular to the fabric and cannot be turned


Product Specifications

Meets ASTM F567-14 8.4 Power Fastened, Preformed Metallic Coated Steel Round Wire Ties

Tension Wire Ties are available in three different finishes to match all common chain link coatings:


  • 9 gauge — 1.2 or 2 oz.


  • 9 gauge — .4 oz.

Vinyl Coated

9 gauge galvanized core coated with Black, Forest or Enser Green, and Brown PVC.

The finished size is 8 gauge. The 8 gauge power drill bit tool is required for vinyl-coated ties.

Note:  Easy Twist and Twist Tight Ties are not to be used in residential settings

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