Rhino Post Driver PD-200

Product Specifications

Heavy Duty
Air Consumption (CFM@100 psi) 72
Wt. lb (kg)170 (77.11)
Master Chuck 5-1/2″ (139.7mm) ID or 7″ (178 mm) ID


2″ Pipe              X*                    Telespar Post Breakaway Anchor 3″       X*+#
2-1/2″ Pipe       X*                    C Post      X*
3” Pipe              X*-+                Super C Post      X*
3-1/2″ Pipe       X*+#               Well Points (Sand Points)      X*
4” Pipe              X*+#                4” x 4” Wood Post      X-
5″ to 6″ Pipe                             4” x 6” H Column Guardrail Post       X-+#
Telespar Post     X*+#
Telespar Post Breakaway Anchor 2-1/2″ X*+#
12” Sheet Piling      X-


-An optional master chuck is required
*An adapter is required
+A driving cap is required
#Indicates a combination of accessories is required

Rhino Post Driver PD-200

The PD-200 Heavy Duty Post Pounder is the perfect choice for driving Beams, Round, Square or Rectangular Tubing, Wood Posts, and Stakes of any shape. Capable of outperforming a 90 lb. Jack Hammer, the PD-200 features an Alloy Steel piston and 5-1/2″ or 7″ Master Chuck.

Additional Information

  • At 170 pounds, the PD-200 drives large, heavy post quickly and securely.
  • Delivering up to 930 blows per minute, and capable of driving guardrail and other heavy-duty posts.
  • Low air consumption and high-quality components, mean low-cost, low-maintenance post driving.
  • Additional driving options possible with easy bolt-on adapters.

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