Installink Fence Dispenser

Product Specifications

Amount of Fabric Held

  • 100 ft. rolls or 750 lbs.

How Fabric Leads

  • Cage tilts forward and loads from the front.
  • Hydraulic unit adjusts for uneven ground.

Dispensing Fabric

  • Dispenses fence from right side.

Cage Size

  • Cages not interchangeable
  • Available in 8′ and 10′ models

Additional Information

The Installink Chain Link Fence Dispenser comes in two models:

  • 8 ft. Installink for up to 8 ft. high fabric
  • 10 ft. Installink for up to 10 ft. high fabric

Installink Fence Dispenser

North America & Canada fencing companies have been able to double their output with half the crew using the Installink Chain Link Fence Dispenser built by L&C Enterprises-USA. The Installink has been the industry leader in chain link fence dispensing machines for over 25 years. It was designed by Upper Michigan fencers who know the business.

The unit easily attaches to a skid-steer, holds 100-foot rolls or up to 750 lbs. of fabric and comes equipped with a hydraulic unit to control the side kickout and stretching arm. The kickout arm ensures the fabric bands remains level on uneven ground while dispensing fence at 80 percent tension. The side kickout arm is then turned to the stretching position where the stretching arm pulls the fabric tight or to a termination post while increasing tension on the fabric.

The standard crow’s nest allows access to the upper portion of the fence. There are no moving parts for less maintenance and the Installink Chain Link Fence Dispenser is built with heavy duty steel that is sandblasted, primed and painted. Do you want to know how you can beat your competition? Give us a call 866.786.1009.

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