Aluminum Collated Hog Rings

Product Specifications

Hog Rings

  • 25 aluminum collated hog rings
  • Opening is 1 3/16 inch
  • Closure is 7/16 inch
  • Available in 2,500 count box

Shipping Weight

  • 10 pounds per box

Aluminum Collated Hog Rings

The 25-ring clip of 9 gauge aluminum collated hog rings are for use in the Hog Ring Fencing Tool. Easy to load and use. They are shipped 2,500 per box.

Great for attaching fabric to tension wire or binding rolls of chain link. Using collated hog rings is a lot faster to use than messing with loose hog rings when crews need to move quickly on a fence line.

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Architects & Engineers

This section is designed to assist Architects & Engineers develop bid specifications for commercial chain link fencing projects they may be working on. L&C Enterprises-USA’s pre-formed fence ties meet ASTM requirements. If you have questions about your project, call us at 866-786-1009.


Collated to fit in a hog ring pliers. Faster to use than single hog rings. Bends easily to fit around fabric and tension wire.