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L&C Enterprises-USA is honored to be selected as an award recipient to be recognized at the 20th Annual Awards Gala! Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey, this achievement is a shared success. Let’s celebrate together! The Awards Gala will take place on May 21st at the Breslin Center in East Lansing. We are thrilled to join the ranks of Michigan’s finest small businesses!

2024 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Awardees List

Learn more here: michigancelebrates.org.

Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB) remains on the forefront of championing small business and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in Michigan. The MCSB’s role is to serve as a catalyst for creating an entrepreneurial culture while inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. The mission of MCSB is to honor and recognize Michigan’s small businesspeople and those champions and advocates that support them. MCSB brings together the resources of collaborative partners and supporters so that they may raise the profile of small businesses in Michigan, build a network of entrepreneurial companies, and tell the stories of successful, growing Michigan entrepreneurs.

The Michigan 50 Companies to Watch recognizes 50 companies that are high potential, second-stage companies in Michigan.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered for selection as one of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch, the enterprise must meet the following for the year ending 2023.

  • Be a privately held, commercial enterprise that has not received the award in the past (not a nonprofit, not publicly traded, not a subsidiary or division of another company).
  • Be past the startup stage and facing issues of growth, not survival.
  • Employ 6-99 full-time equivalent W-2 employees (including the owner).
  • Have between $750,000 and $50M in annual revenue or working capital from either investments or grants.
  • Be headquartered in Michigan.
  • Demonstrate the intent and capacity to grow based on:
    • Employee or sales growth.
    • Sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Other notable successes.

Delta Fence owner is Top of the Chain!

ESCANABA — Ron Chouinard, president of Delta Fence and L & C Enterprises was recently featured on the cover of Fence News, a Fencing Industry Trade Publication.

He was featured in the Fence News article, “Top of the Chain.” Fence News is a monthly publication dedicated to providing current fencing information, products, industry trends and successes.

For more than 40 years, L & C Enterprises-USA, parent company of Delta Fence & Construction, an Escanaba based company, has been a leading provider of fencing equipment, hardware and parts in the fencing industry.




March 9th, 2024 – Click to read FULL Article.

People ‘always need fences:’ Delta Fence & Construction is expanding.

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) By Barbara Bellinger Published: Feb. 16, 2024 – The owner of Delta Fence & Construction and L&C Enterprises USA said people will always need fences. 

“I think the economy’s changing, definitely things are getting more expensive,”

Ron Chouinard said. “But people do realize also that they have to protect what they have. So, the fencing industry ain’t going nowhere.”

Chouinard and a partner started Delta Fence 37 years ago after being told to install a mile of 6-foot-tall metal fence by hand.






Five years ago, Chouinard’s employees were putting out 7.5 million ties a year. Now, they’re producing more than 15 million. In the next six months, a third tie machine will be added as part of an expansion.

An expansion that includes a new partner after the company’s co-founder Jeff Lancour passed away several years ago.

About his new partner, Chouinard said, “He’s got new ideas and new things, and I realized that if I’m going to be part of Kevin’s growth, we have to expand.”

For more information visit – FULL ARTICLE HERE

Fence News Cover

Fence News – Top of the Chain with Ron Chouinard

Our very own Ron Chouinard, President and Owner of L&C Enterprises-USA and Delta Fence is featured in the February 2024 issue of Fence News! LINK HERE

“A few years later we found ourselves in another situation that required a little outside the box thinking. This time the same Lower Michigan company contacted L&C Enterprises-USA to do a job for a prison but this time they also wanted the fence tied. They wanted us to tie the prison fence with old military fence ties. We asked if there were ties made for this. Was told no. So, we once again went back to the drawing board, got an engineer, developed our own ties, had them machined and tried them. That is where Twist Tight Ties came from”.

“There has to be an easier way,” was a common question during the early years. Learn more about the near 40-year history of an Upper Michigan business through the development and sales of fencing hardware and tools.


This article appeared in Fence News. It details the early beginnings of L&C Enterprises-USA and the development of fencing tools and hardware used in the industry today.

“We said isn’t there an easier way to do this, were not going to be able to do this by hand, we have swamp to go through”. My business partner and I talked about it and decided, “were going to make something to do this for us”. So, we drew something up on paper, built a machine that would be able to stretch, carry, and roll fabric out all this with a tractor. That’s how we came up with the Installink fence dispenser. We brought it to a welder; the welder built it. After we made the first one, we did the job with it. The 1st Job was a 1 mile of 6-foot tall 6ga material, weighing in at roughly 310 pounds per 50ft roll!

This article appeared in the World Fence News. It describes how the Barbed Wire Dispenser was used on a commercial chain link installation project shortly after it was developed.

Snow Job: Fighting Mother Nature all the way ~ March, 2005

Fighting Mother Nature all the way, a combination of the right equipment and dedicated crew helps Delta Fence complete major airport job.

Completing a 27,000-lineal-foot chain link job in 60 days would be fairly routine for most sizeable fence contractors. Delta Fence and Construction of Escanaba, Michigan agrees, unless the job was located in the snow country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and you couldn’t start the job until September, which is the usual onset of the area’s “Arctic style” winter…

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