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MacKissic Easy Auger

The Easy Auger simplifies digging post holes and allows single-person operation on any residential or commercial project. Using a hydraulic post hole auger rather than a manual fence post digger or two-man power auger saves time and labor costs.

You can choose between two different models. The push model fence post digger requires the operator to move the auger, while a lever activates the self-propelled model to drive forward to the next position. The self-propelled Easy Auger provides 275 foot pounds of torque to drive through materials and an auger speed of 145 RPM for powerful operation. Both provide perfect balance, making it easy to tow from project to project.

The Easy Auger allows you to get into difficult places to dig post holes anywhere. It tilts for drilling on uneven ground, and the balance of the Easy Auger helps lift the auger from the hole. To begin drilling, simply apply downward pressure on the control handle. If the auger should become stuck, a push of a lever easily reverses the unit to break it free.

It takes only a few moments to dig a hole and move to the next position. With the work done by one person, you are able to improve worker production and streamline the installation process, increasing revenue and profit.

Product Specifications


  • 9HP Honda, 9 HP Robin, 10HP Briggs & Stratton or 9 HP Vanguard


  • Forward-Reverse
  • 2 to 18 inch Diameters
  • Pilot Bits, Teeth, Extensions and Adapters


Length: 105 inches
Width: 34 inches
Height: 33 inches
Weight: 410 pounds


Two Bar: Detatchable
Tires: Highway Regulated
Hitch: 2″ Ball Coupler

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