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Architects & Engineers

This section is designed to assist Architects & Engineers develop bid specifications for commercial chain link fencing projects they may be working on. L&C Enterprises-USA’s pre-formed fence ties meet ASTM requirements. If you have questions about your project, call us at 866-786-1009.

Self-Locking Fabric Bands Ties


Band ties provide a strong a secure bond. The flat surface gives a professional look with no twisted tails sticking out. The flat surface provides a safe environment for those who may come in contact with the twisted ends of tie wires. That makes the self-locking fabric bands ideal for residential, school, playground and sports park applications.


The tie shall be preformed with a shape that will fit the circumference of the post or rail and over one picket of the chain link fabric. It shall be made of flat aluminum stock. The ends shall lock together by bending or folding the ends over and flat to the back of the post.

Shall meet ASTM Spec. F 626-96a (2003) 6.1.3 Interlocking Flat Wire Ties.


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