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4 Barriers Threatening the Profitability and Survival of Fencing Companies


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Archive for November, 2012

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Pre-shaped fence ties Easy Twist Ties are perfect for small commercial chain link job

Today, we are doing an enclosure for a company that does a lot of welding and sells a lot of welding gear. They have oxygen tanks that are coming in and they need this enclosure done. It’s a six foot high fence. Small enclosure, it’s about 16×16 feet. There are a couple of gates on…

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Self-Locking Bands dress up small chain link fence job

This project is in a small chain link fence job in a backyard, more or less a kennel to hold the dog in. This is actually a chain link fence. It’s not really a kennel but it is going to be used to hold dogs in the backyard. Not a huge job. It’s only about…

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New product for our lineup of fencing equipment

We are always on the constant look out for fencing equipment that improves the working conditions of professional fence installers, speeds up the process of installation to create a competitive edge and increase company profits. It’s a mission established right from the start of the company when we invented the Installink fence dispenser to install…

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