Fencing Equipment

How use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands
How to use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands

Today, we are working with our Barbed Wire Dispenser machine. We are going to set it up.  There is no barbed wire on it yet. These are all fresh...

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Lobo Post Puller gets at difficult fence posts in ditch Fence
Lobo Post Puller gets at difficult fence posts in ditch

Today we are working at the airport and we have an existing fence we have to pull out and relocate it. We actually are going to put up a...

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Rhino GPD-40 vs. GPD-45 Post Drivers
Comparing Rhino’s GPD-40 and GPD-45 post drivers

Today, we are going to show a comparison of the Rhino GPD-40 and GPD-45 post drivers. We are going to pound an 8 foot post four feet into the...

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Rhino PD-55 Versatile Pounder For Installers

Today we are working with the Rhino PD-55. It is 55 pounds thus the name PD-55. This one is run by an air compressor. It is made by Rhino....

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ron sharing how lobo extreme pulls and handles tall post
Lobo Extreme pulls and handles tall posts with ease

Today we are at the Escanaba ball field. We’re replacing an old backstop with a taller netting system. It’s going to go up about 25 feet in the air,...

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Rhino Gas Powered Drivers Pounding Fence Posts

We are outside of a guy’s house where we are putting in a backyard fence for a dog. It’s 4 feet tall. We are pounding the posts in. We...

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crew members testing rhino GPD 45
Test of Rhino GPD-45 Multi-Pro on frozen ground

Today, we are working on a job to repair a damaged fence from a car going through it. It’s a 6 foot high chain link fence. We are going...

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power posthole cleaning speed with auger torque
Auger Torque review shows impressive power, posthole cleaning, speed

Today, we are working on a small project for the Delta Animal Shelter. We are actually going to be drilling through some frozen ground. They came in to ask...

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