Fence Installation

Running Three Strands with Barbed Wire Dispenser

Today we are taking out our Barbed Wire Dispenser and we’re going to stretch in this complex. I’m going to start over by this gate. I’m going to end...

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fence hangers - chain link fence hooks
How to use fence hangers to hold up chain link before tying

Today I want to talk a little bit about our hangers that we use. It’s a pipe, 1 3/8 inches, cold roll rod that’s bent. We use these temporary...

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Rhino GPD-40
Rhino GPD-40 gets fence posts into tight places

Today, I’m in the backyard of a person’s house. One of our challenges today was to get a fence post close to the building. We didn’t have any footings...

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effects of a poorly grounded fence
Explosion shows effects of an improperly grounded fence

Today I am talking about the importance of a properly ground fence. This is an older substation. About a month ago it had a ground fault that happened when...

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How we drive fence posts on a large chain link job

Today, we are working on a fence at a storage unit. We are putting a brand new chain link fence around it, 6 feet tall plus barbed wire. Yesterday,...

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Using the Rhino GPD-40 Post Driver to finish the fence job in inclement weather

Today, we are working in a backyard. We are putting in a fence for a dog. We are driving in the post with the new Rhino GPD-40. It will...

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A Tip When Using An Easy Auger

Do you ever find that after using a piece of equipment for a time you pick up little habits to make the job go easier? In this case with...

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Two Reasons for Floating Fence Post in Cement

There are several ways to set poles when installing chain link fence. The method to use depends on the job, soil and personal preference. There are two main reasons...

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