Today, I want to mention a little bit about our Easy Twist Ties versus our Twist Tight Ties. The different applications that we use them for.

This one is a 2 inch, 11 gauge tie. My application is for a golf course. It’s maintenance building. We have chain link on this job and it’s not a spec job. So I’m using my 11 gauge because it is a lot easier to use. The 11 gauge tie is still stronger than a 9 gauge aluminum tie. A lot of my competitors use aluminum hook ties. I typically use an 11gauge Easy Twist Tie. It’s a little more costly but yet the production that I get and how they hold helps to pay for itself in the long term. I never have any of these ties coming off.

I just pop these puppies on. Real simple. Goes around the post, catching one wire. Our Twist Tight Tie would actually go around a full diamond and it has a flat black. This one here has a round look to it which is designed to go around the shape of the post. The fabric would be caught right there and I just pinch it together and then I will twist it like that.

The biggest difference application-wise is any commercial job that you need to have some ties on whether it’s a 9 gauge hook tie aluminum you can still substitute with an 11 gauge steel tie and you are going to get a stronger tie, a better looking tie and it’s going to hold up better in the long run.

If you have a state spec job, a lot of times they will ask for 9 gauge steel ties. Well, the 9 gauge steel ties pre-shaped like this is so much faster to twist and hook than a hook tie would be that I have always gone with the 9 gauge steel tie. It’s just so much quicker. It’s all about production when you are out here on the job site.

The faster you are, the better off you are.