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LOBO Post Puller Hydraulic Cylinder MD-1-500-2613 Repair

Some clients have reported weld failures with Hydraulic Cylinder MD-1.500-2613 (PN: 84675). To improve the design of our cylinder and add more safety factor moving forward, we have modified the weld. The revised weld joint offers higher strength, as well as more joint access for our welders, which means less room for error. How to…

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L&C Auger Torque video is featured by the Australian company

Ron Chouinard at L&C Enterprises-USA was featured in an Auger Torque newsletter for a video he did about their equipment. The company is based in Australia. They said “Ron comes across as someone who knows what he is talking about and has a passion for it.” About the video, they said “it was to the…

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News Releases for Fence Industry

PRESS RELEASE February 3, 2012 Immediate Release L&C Enterprises-USA connects with fencing companies at FenceTech 2012 MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – FenceTech 2012 brought new and old friends to the L&C Enterprises-USA booth in January. The company made its 22nd appearance at the industry trade show held this year at the Miami Beach Convention Center Jan….

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New product for our lineup of fencing equipment

We are always on the constant look out for fencing equipment that improves the working conditions of professional fence installers, speeds up the process of installation to create a competitive edge and increase company profits. It’s a mission established right from the start of the company when we invented the Installink fence dispenser to install…

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Installink fence dispenser quickly stretches a chain link fence fabric
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L&C Enterprises New Website Launches

The start of this blog is exciting because it marks the beginning of a new direction for our company. We have re-focused on an effort to help fencing companies learn better ways of installing fence. It was a goal when we first started selling our Installink Fence Dispensers. It’s become more possible as we expand…

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