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Archive for April, 2014

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Rhino MP-3 Post Puller pulls fence post from frozen ground

We pounded a couple of posts in a few days ago with the Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro gas powered post driver. Today, we are going to pull them out with the Rhino MP-3 post puller. I will set the post puller in front of the 1 5/8 inch pipe and wrap the chain around the…

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Rhino GPD-40 is tough enough to drive fence post into frozen ground

Today, we are going to demonstrate the new Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro Gas Powered Post Driver. The driver is becoming a vital piece of fence installation equipment. We are going to demonstrate it here in the snow. The fence pro has interchangeable adapters for different size posts. I’m going to pound a 2-inch pipe and…

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