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Archive for October, 2015

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Comparing Rhino’s GPD-40 and GPD-45 post drivers

Today, we are going to show a comparison of the Rhino GPD-40 and GPD-45 post drivers. We are going to pound an 8 foot post four feet into the ground, actually a little more than four feet. This is showing tough conditions. The conditions are clay and rock and we are going to see how…

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Rhino PD-55 fence post driver is a versatile pounder for installers

Today we are working with the Rhino PD-55. It is 55 pounds thus the name PD-55. This one is run by an air compressor. It is made by Rhino. It is the standard in the fencing industry. It is what most fence professionals use or purchase for fencing projects. It’s a lot lighter than some…

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