And the winner is….Easy Twist Ties

vote for easy twist tiesThere is one campaign on Election Day that may come down to the wire. The long-term incumbent Hook Ties is being challenged by preformed Easy Twist Ties. The winner will go on to tie the chain link fence.

The challenge for Easy Twist Ties is to differentiate itself from Hook Ties. Voters who don’t see much difference between the two candidates will often stay with the one they are used to. On the surface, both hold up chain link fabric. Both are used by commercial fence contractors to install fencing on industrial, commercial and secure areas.

But Easy Twist Ties point out differences. While Hook Ties are ramrod straight, Easy Twist Ties are shapely for a perfect fit around a variety of fence posts. Installers have to twist the ends of Hook Ties by hand with a fence pliers. Easy Twist Ties are twisted with a power drill for a consistent result every time. Easy Twist Ties also claims to complete the fence project three times faster than Hook Ties (when it is 9 gauge steel).

Hook Ties have been the most widely used tie to attach chain link fabric for many years. Supporters claim Hook Ties have been doing a good job. But in a recent expose’, Hook Ties was caught on video tape springing when kicked at a secure airport. Experts say Hook Ties were not adequate for the job.

Commercial fence installers will decide. Voting is currently going on at commercial chain link fence installation sites around the country. Make sure to vote.


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