Fence Ties

Build Your Fence Faster w Easy Twist Ties
Speed up production w/ Twist Tight Ties and Easy Twist Ties

Easy Twist Ties and Twist Tight Ties are great alternatives to hook ties. They speed up production to allow you to get the job done fast and improve security...

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How to use the large 6 5/8 Easy Twist Fence Tie

In this featured video, Ron talks about L&C’s 6 5/8-inch fence ties. These are an Easy Twist Tie. It has a big U-shape to it. It rolls like a...

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Making a choice on an Easy Twist Tie for certain fence jobs

Today, I want to mention a little bit about our Easy Twist Ties versus our Twist Tight Ties. The different applications that we use them for. The Right Tie...

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How to use fence hangers to hold up chain link before tying

How to use a hanger? It’s a pipe, 1 3/8 inches, cold roll rod that’s bent. We use these temporary hangers when we are running out the chain link...

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Easy Twist tie
Easy Twist Ties meet ASTM Specifications

Today I want to talk about the ASTM specifications and how our Easy Twist tool and Easy Twist Ties meet the ASTM standard. ASTM has a term of “three...

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Self-Locking Fabric Bands for Residential Jobs

We use Self-Locking Fabric Bands for most of our residential jobs. A little bit more expensive but they are very neat, professional looking and in our area, it is...

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New Easy Twist Fence Tie for 6 5/8 inch post

Let’s talk about our NEW 6 5/8” Easy Twist Tie. It’s a new Easy Twist Tie for us. It’s shaped a little bit differently than our other Easy Twist...

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Provide incentives when stretching barbed wire with a Barbed Wire Dispenser

A fence company called the other day, to ask me a couple of questions in regard to the production of a Barbed Wire Dispenser. He owns a dispenser and...

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