Build Your Fence Faster w Easy Twist Ties

Speed up production w/ Twist Tight Ties and Easy Twist Ties

Easy Twist Ties and Twist Tight Ties are great alternatives to hook ties.

They speed up production to allow you to get the job done fast and improve security and efficiency. There are key differences that distinguish between the functionality, application, and installation of each of these ties. It is important to note that the Easy Twist Tie requires the Easy Twist Tool, and the Twist Tight Tie requires the Twist Tight Tool. Check out the video for a full comparison between the two.

The name Easy Twist Tie comes from its ease of use compared to that of the Twist Tight Tie. The Easy Twist Tie makes installation much faster and easier. You do not have to worry about over-tightening the tie causing it to break. There is less effort on the part of the installer to fit the ends of the ties into the tool due to its unique design that funnels the ends of the ties properly into place. With a few revolutions of the drill, the tie is tight and one of the tails falls off.

Twist Tight Ties are uniquely different and also require their own tool.

These ties draw in the fabric tighter than the Easy Twist Tie does but it comes at the price of efficiency. The ends of the ties have to be inserted directly into the tool inserts. It is important to note that twisting the tie will result in breaking the tie. It is also recommended that you use a variable speed drill to control the tightness of the tie more easily which also alleviates the issue of the tie breaking. A perfect application of the mini-mesh and Twist Tight Ties would be on high-security jobs like prisons and correctional facilities where vibration in the fabric could set off false alarms. When tying mini-mesh, the twist-tight mini-mesh tie is far more superior and easier to twist than a hook tie is to wrap with a pair of pliers.

It is important to note that each tool must match the gauge of the tie.

For example, a 9ga. tie will need to be paired with a 9ga. Tool, 6ga. tie will require a 6ga. tool, and an 11ga. tie will require an 11ga. tool. When it comes to vinyl ties, we only produce ties with a 9ga. core that is fused and bonded which is compatible with a 9ga. tool as well.

To wrap things up, you need to match the ties to the correct and corresponding tool. Each type of tie serves their specific needs for each job and we have the product to get the job done fast. Always remember that the Easy Twist Ties and Twist Tight Ties are intended to only be used in low pedestrian traffic areas that do not pose as a threat to those close by. If your project is in a residential setting or within a high pedestrian traffic area, we offer self-locking bands as a more attractive and safer alternative.

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