Leadership is at the Essence of Fencing.

In the fencing business there are multiple types of leaders. There are those who straddle the fence, not leaning in one direction or another. More reaction based with asking...

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LOBO Post Puller Hydraulic Cylinder MD-1-500-2613 Repair

Some clients have reported weld failures with Hydraulic Cylinder MD-1.500-2613 (PN: 84675). To improve the design of our cylinder and add more safety factor moving forward, we have modified...

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Making A Choice On An Easy Twist Tie For Certain Fence
Making a choice on an Easy Twist Tie for certain fence jobs

Today, I want to mention a little bit about our Easy Twist Ties versus our Twist Tight Ties. The different applications that we use them for. The Right Tie...

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How use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands
How to use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands

Today, we are working with our Barbed Wire Dispenser machine. We are going to set it up.  Need for Speed! There is no barbed wire on it yet. These...

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Lobo Post Puller gets at difficult fence posts in ditch Fence
Lobo Post Puller gets at difficult fence posts in ditch

Today we are working at the airport, and we have an existing fence we have to pull out and relocate it. A great piece of equipment for fence crews...

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L&C Auger torque video
L&C Auger Torque video is featured by the Australian company

Ron Chouinard at L&C Enterprises-USA was featured in an Auger Torque newsletter for a video he did about their equipment. The company is based in Australia. They said “Ron...

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Installink fence dispenser quickly stretches a chain link fence fabric
L&C Enterprises New Website Launches

The start of this blog is exciting because it marks the beginning of a new direction for our company. We have re-focused on an effort to help fencing companies...

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News Releases for Fence Industry

PRESS RELEASE February 3, 2012 Immediate Release L&C Enterprises-USA connects with fencing companies at FenceTech 2012 MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – FenceTech 2012 brought new and old friends to the...

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