Tension Wire Dispenser

Tension Wire Dispenser – Save Money, Save Time and Work Safe!

North American fence installers are constantly looking for ways to save time, cut down labor from jobs and maintain competitiveness for bids, said L&C Enterprises-USA owner Ron Chouinard.  Tension wire installation can be time-consuming and difficult to produce low bids. Ron continues, “Manual dispensing is slow, easily causes tangles, and most important, may result in injuries to workers. However, by using L&C’s Tension Wire Dispenser, you can speed up installation, provide a safe working environment and have more successes with the competitive bid process. The increased installation speed and ability to use less workers results in better margins, higher profits per job and more jobs.  

Let’s look at how it works. 

The Tension Wire Dispenser easily hooks up to a vehicle, tractor or skid steer hitch for fast installation. Once outfitted with tension wire, simply secure the wire to a termination post and drive forward to dispense. Control the adjustable unwind tension for desired installation speed. This is also a safety feature as the tension wire will remain taunt while dispensing. The unit is designed to dispense from the left or the right side and accommodates 6 to 12-foot fence heights, or most commercial installations. With automated dispensing, the tension wire is more secure and consistent. When the wire runs out, simply twist the old end with a new one and continue dispensing. The Tension Wire Dispenser is rugged, blasted, primed, and painted for abuse in harsh conditions and a long life. We know you will like using it as much as we do.

Tension Wire Dispenser

Let’s look at where it works. 

Ideal for commercial chain link fence installation in high-security areas. The Tension Wire Dispenser was developed in Northern Michigan by industry experts with practical experience building fences in colder, more demanding climates. There is no other piece of equipment like it in the fencing industry. Vice President of L&C, Kevin Sodermark adds, “the Tension Wire Dispenser is a safe, fast and easy way to strengthen chain link fence fabric.” Kevin continues, “Especially in places where security is a concern.” 

Perfect for solar and wind farms, airports, municipalities and governmental buildings that require a secure perimeter. The Tension Wire Dispenser coupled with L&C Enterprises-USA Tension Wire Ties, deliver a no vibration, tamper proof bond that protects from intrusion in correctional or secured facility settings.  

Would you like to learn more? 

L&C Enterprises-USA warranties each Tension Wire Dispenser for a period of one-year from the time of purchase. The warranty covers the workmanship and materials. Additional information on proper set-up, usage, safety precautions and best practices can be found online at www.lcenterprises-usa.com. Instructions at L&C’s YouTube channel, Tension Wire for Chain Link Fence. 

Tension Wire Dispenser

L&C Enterprises-USA is dedicated to developing products to help you work smarter, faster, neatly, and more efficiently at greater speed, increasing work production and lowering your labor costs. For more information on the cost-effective Tension Wire Dispenser and how it can give you a competitive edge, visit us online at www.deltafenceman.com or call us toll-free at 906-553-7472. 

Tension Wire Manual CLICK HERE

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