Fencing Business

Leadership is at the Essence of Fencing.

In the fencing business there are multiple types of leaders. There are those who straddle the fence, not leaning in one direction or another. More reaction based with asking...

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Running Three Strands with Barbed Wire Dispenser

Dispense in Half the time! Today we are taking out our Barbed Wire Dispenser and we’re going to stretch in this complex. I’m going to start over by this...

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How use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands
How to use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands

Today, we are working with our Barbed Wire Dispenser machine. We are going to set it up.  Need for Speed! There is no barbed wire on it yet. These...

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Lobo Post Puller gets at difficult fence posts in ditch Fence
Lobo Post Puller gets at difficult fence posts in ditch

Today we are working at the airport, and we have an existing fence we have to pull out and relocate it. A great piece of equipment for fence crews...

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Auger torque digging tougher soil
Down pressure helps Auger Torque to work in tougher soil

Today I want to demonstrate the value of using the downrigger on a skid-steer. We are actually at Bichler Sand & Gravel right now weighing our Bobcat on their...

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Stretching Barbed Wire With A Barbed Wire Dispenser
Provide incentives when stretching barbed wire with a Barbed Wire Dispenser

A fence company called the other day to ask me a couple of questions in regards to the production of a Barbed Wire Dispenser. He owns a dispenser and...

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Don’t wait for the big fence job before buying equipment

It was just a few weeks ago, I was talking to a company about purchasing a Installink Fence Dispenser. He was bidding a large fence job. He said if...

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Our concern for those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Like many people throughout the country, we watch in alarm as we view the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The power of wind and water is amazing. Initial reports were...

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