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How to use fence hangers to hold up chain link before tying

Today I want to talk a little bit about our hangers that we use. It’s a pipe, 1 3/8 inches, cold roll rod that’s bent. We use these temporary hangers when we are running out the chain link fence, whether rolling it out on the ground or coming out of our Installink machine, we are going to use this to hang the fence with it.

How I use it, I just pass it through the chain link mesh and I hang it on top of the top rail. I just pop it through the top of the fabric and hang it over the top rail. This will hold it to about the right height that I want for when it comes time to tying. I will leave those hangers there until I actually tie.

When it comes time to tie, a lot of times it will want to fall a little bit too low here. What most of my customers and I will do is to turn them up so it’s nice and straight like this. It raises it a half inch further which allows a little of the diamond to come up here to make it look a little bit better for the chain link fence. That’s usually how I dress my fences. I turn up the hangers before I tie them.

The hangers are then taken off after it is tied and then reused so you don’t have to waste them. I’ll put one of these hangers typically after every line post. As it’s coming out of the Installink machine, the Installink does pull it pretty tight so it dresses it somewhat – takes out those sways because of the tension behind it – and if I put this behind it it will actually hold that dressing from swooping down every ten feet. But if I’m doing it by hand, sometimes I’m going to put them on every five feet just to keep it dressed a little better before I stretch it.

That’s also why I like to use aluminum fabric rather than galvanized fabric. It will typically dress better unless it’s pre-galvanized which will dress itself very nice like aluminum would but if it’s galvanized after weave sometimes the icicles will hold the fence from dressing out properly – easily. It’s just a little bit easier if it’s aluminized or pre-galv. The 1.2 ounce is typical. Your 2 ounce galvanized, if it’s after weave, it’s definitely harder to due because of the extra galvanizing on it. It just wants to hold it up.

That’s our typical hanger. We use them on almost every job. We even use them on residential jobs.


  1. Micah Taintor said:
    September 4, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    Where can I buy the fence hangers shown in your blog and video?

  2. Do you sell those fence hangers? said:
    September 21, 2021 at 2:05 pm


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