How to use the large 6 5/8 Easy Twist Fence Tie

In this featured video, Ron talks about L&C’s 6 5/8-inch fence ties. These are an Easy Twist Tie. It has a big U-shape to it. It rolls like a little cup here. It’s designed that way so we can slide it through the fence to be able to come around. These big ties are used for larger taller fences.

So, when I pass this through, I’m going to pass this through the fabric right here and underneath that lip. I’m going to come over on this side and finishing passing it through and pulling it right up. You can see how it fits inside there. Then I pull that wire around and it should come around together nice an easy right here. So, when it comes time to twist it, it will twist.

Right now, I’m going to put them all together and I’ll twist them here in just a second.

That was our 6 5/8 Easy Twist Tie which is typically used on some of the larger cantilever gates. Some taller fences will have 6 5/8-inch posts but that is where our 6 5/8 tie works. It’s quick, simple and you don’t have to worry about twisting those ends over.

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