L&C Enterprises-USA – Recent Success, Hard Work and Staying Humble.

2024 has been exciting! Recently, L&C Enterprises-USA d/b/a Delta Fence & Construction received an award, for being a Company to Watch in 2024. The award was attributed to sales growth, entrepreneurial leadership and a sustainable competitive advantage. During the recognition of the Michigan Celebrates Small Business award, Vice President Kevin Sodermark (hired in 2013) summarizes best, “coming to this company and then seeing a future in it is very encouraging. To be able to be a part of one expansion and then now another expansion. Being a part of bringing people in, training people, and seeing them succeed has been very good,” The recent success and the acknowledgement with the Michigan Business Award has brought a couple impressive business attributes to the fore front. With a forty-year company history, it has been key for L&C Enterprises-USA to stay humble while continuing to work hard day in and day out. Let’s investigate how these attributes have keyed the sales growth, leadership and competitive advantage at L&C. 

L&C Enterprises USA

The old saying holds true in the fencing industry.

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” Perseverance to hold the course regardless of the setbacks. Overcoming staffing transitions while growing. Quickly adjusting on the go, plus juggling logistics and increased shipping, resource and labor costs!!! All these circumstances don’t just resolve themselves; they take hard work. Hard work requires dedication to providing sound leadership while maintaining a laser focus on business goals. Hard work is also a result of consistency. Starting from the top and having a staff with a good consistent work ethic allows for incremental growth. Dependability coupled with hard work is a competitive advantage in the fencing industry. The leadership at L&C knows this and has for many years practiced what they preached. Still today, ownership and management are active daily in the field or with manufacturing. Hard work starts from the top and works its way down. 

Staying Humble.

Is another key trait that helps businesses remain grounded. Business growth can be difficult. Matching the correct amount of growth with staff and resources is an arithmetic that many businesses struggle with. Growing sales too fast may outpace staffing. Balancing resource procurement and distribution in a logistic rich environment can lead to pitfalls, boons or unexpected short-term complications. Much like a fence, the connections between the moving parts in a dynamic business environment are only as strong as the weakest link. Staying humble, working through problems patiently, taking the time to learn more details, digesting new information and reflecting on the processes are all strong characteristics of successful businesses. This, “built from the ground up” mentality has been a cornerstone of L&C Enterprises-USA. Both the Chain Link Fence Ties and the custom-made Fencing Hardware Solutions provide competitive advantages to fencing businesses. By understanding the fencing industry, working within the industry and applying a humble perspective, the products that L&C provides have led to consistent success and growth.  

L&C Enterprises USAThe recent success of L&C has provided an ideal moment to reflect on what has worked well over the past few years of the company. Natural growth in the industry has combined with more and more commercial or residential sites requiring a secure, safe or elegant perimeter for numerous reasons has benefited both L&C and Delta Fence equally. The mentality of staying humble gives us a unique perspective to what we are working hard at accomplishing. At the end of the day, we ask ourselves, “did we help a fence company, a fencing professional or ourselves accomplish something today?” “Did we inch the ball closer to the goal line?” “Did someone build something?” If the answer is yes, we’ve sustained an advantage for ourselves and our customers. If the answer is no, it’s back to the basics to make sure we haven’t missed an opportunity. 

As Leaders in the Michigan fencing industry, 

L&C Enterprise-USA believes placing emphasis on working with people. We are dedicated to providing fencing solutions that keep you safe, secure and look elegant. We believe in the products L&C Enterprise-USA offers. Our professional hardware helps take the strain off of your fence crews and satisfy your customers. Leadership is by example. 

If you live, work or play in Upper Michigan and are looking to learn more about residential fencing. Delta Fence & Construction can help! Call us at (906) 786-1076 or visit www.deltafenceman.com to schedule an appointment today. 

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L&C Enterprises-USA warranties our fencing hardware for a period of one-year from the time of purchase. The warranty covers the workmanship and materials. Additional information on proper set-up, usage, safety precautions and best practices can be found online at www.lcenterprises-usa.com. 

L&C Enterprises-USA

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