Running Three Strands with Barbed Wire Dispenser

running 3 strands with barbed wire dispenserDispense in Half the time!

Today we are taking out our Barbed Wire Dispenser and we’re going to stretch in this complex. I’m going to start over by this gate. I’m going to end up tying it up at this termination post and then I’m going to run it all the way down the line here with three strands all hooked up on the Barb Wire machine just to show the simplicity of running the wire through the machine.

If I was to do this job by hand, I’d be running one strand at a time. I’d have to hook it up, run the wire out by hand – walk it out or pull it out – and then I’d have to stretch it on the other corner. With the Barbed Wire Dispenser, I can hook up all three of the wires at the same time and pull them forward with the Bobcat.

Watch the Install Three Strands Video – HERE

Barbed wire dispenser.

The Barbed Wire machine has tension on it, like brakes on the bottom of it which holds a certain tension. That tension is not what I need but it’s enough to run the fence out in a firm position, pretty taunt so I can run it out and hook them all up before I actually stretch it to the corner post. This way, they don’t get twisted or tangled. We are going to run all three of them out and then hang them into the barb wire holders after we go right on by with the Barbed Wire machine.

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Making the job safer and easier on your crew!

Some of the advantages of using the Barbed Wire Dispenser is the fact that you are running three strands at the same time. Typically, you have a two-person crew running it, you have safety involved, you don’t have to worry about anybody getting scratched by barb wire as easily as they would if they were pulling it out by hand. The machine is doing most of the work for you.

The only time we’re going to be stretching it is when we get to the termination and then you’ll notice that we are going to be using the T-bar tool to actually twist the barb wire tight at the end which would take up any slacked that we have in that barb wire.

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Barbed Wire Dispenser Operator’s Manual


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