Leadership is at the Essence of Fencing.

In the fencing business there are multiple types of leaders.

There are those who straddle the fence, not leaning in one direction or another. More reaction based with asking questions such as, what should I do now? Which way is the wind blowing? What are my competitors doing?

The other kind of leaders are those who are innovating,

continually learning, connecting with others, rethinking old ideas, forging a new path, and moving proactively toward improving their employees, clients and their business. These leaders have a sense of direction or business compass, they often ask, what can we improve today, to make tomorrow better? Where and how can we build up our employees? After we do what is next, what happens after what happens next? The fencing industry has a plethora of the second type of leader, the innovator.

Innovation leads to Change.

Both leaders collect and utilize feedback. Both rely on experience, industry knowledge and a well-used “bag of tricks” of what works well, what has worked before and what should work in the future. The big difference between the two styles is the ability to look for insight, ask the difficult questions and make the necessary changes to drive improvement.

At L&C Enterprise-USA we maintain a startup mentality by using the same products at Delta Fence & Construction where we look to tackle the same challenges and jobsite barriers proactively. We want to know what we have to do, to make you, your business and your employees successful, today, tomorrow and beyond?

It is no longer the case that, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

As the fencing industry continues to evolve, new products and technology has made a lasting positive impact. What was a strength 10 years ago, may be a blind spot tomorrow. Jobs that took multiple people and many days to complete, now can be accomplished with a small crew, current tools, a condensed timeframe and a refined process. Fencing companies have been able to double their output with half the crew using the Installink Chain Link Fence Dispenser by L&C Enterprises-USA. It was designed by fencers (Who We Are) who know the business and has been an industry leader in fence dispensing machines for over 25 years.  Today’s business success requires a combination of creativity, resourcefulness, transparency, teamwork and the mentality of continually learning.

Innovating is about moving people.

And is a key ingredient to remain successful. Successful leaders understand the moving parts in their business and work continually to align these parts to maximize employee successes, client success and overall business success. Having a solid “business compass” or sense of direction is also key to visualize a positive future. Articulating and sharing that sense of direction with employees creates a team or collective environment that fosters additional successes. Today’s leadership is more about what happens after what happens next while remaining buoyant in the global business landscape.

L&C Enterprise’s leadership is continually making decisions to improve business processes while helping increase efficiencies and eliminate deficiencies. Why Choose Us? Because we care!

As leaders in the Michigan fencing industry,

L&C Enterprise-USA believes placing emphasis on working with people. We are dedicated to providing fencing solutions that keep you safe, secure and look elegant. We believe that the products L&C Enterprise-USA offers, helps take the strain off of your fence crews and satisfy your customers. Leadership is by example.

If you live, work or play in Upper Michigan and are looking to learn more about residential fencing. Delta Fence & Construction can help! Call us at (906) 786-1076 or visit www.deltafenceman.com to schedule an appointment today.

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