power posthole cleaning speed with auger torque

Auger Torque review shows impressive power, posthole cleaning, speed

Today, we are working on a small project for the Delta Animal Shelter. We are actually going to be drilling through some frozen ground. They came in to ask if we could help them out by putting up a mailbox.

They were talking about maybe putting a temporary one up but we told them we could do it. We’re volunteering our equipment and time to put this up for them. We’re using an Auger Torque.

We already used the Auger Torque on a few jobs and so far it has impressed us on what it can do. We had no problems going through asphalt, 5 inches on our last job, and 32 inches of frozen ground. It just did a great job cleaning the holes out.

The auger that we are using has a very flat flighting to it so it can hold the dirt. It doesn’t fall back into the hole. In this case here, we dug the hole about 37 or 36 inches but it had about four inches of dirt that was left in the hole from the point of the auger. Most of the dirt was coming out of the hole with the auger because the flightings on the auger is flat. It holds the dirt better.

So the Auger Torque does a better job cleaning out the hole.

This was just a simple job but imagine having a lot of holes to drill. This auger would definitely be a time saver and save you a lot of money. It’s a new piece of equipment that you can depend on to get the job done right and fast.

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