Auger Torque tears through asphalt, frozen ground.

Today, we are working on a project in Iron Mountain, Mich. We are looking at auger torque as it tears through asphalt and frozen ground.

It’s pretty cold out today.

I actually bid this job early last year which was supposed to go this past summer but because of a change in hierarchy it got overlooked for a while. All of sudden the end of the year comes around and they need this gate operator up. Now we are out here, it’s January, it’s been cold the last month, we’ve had -30 wind chills, the froze is down where we are digging which is 32 inches and we are also going through the asphalt.

The Augur Torque did an awesome job.

It had enough teeth on it, it had enough torque, we had downriggers on it to create enough down pressure to utilize that torque and it got the job down quick.

The profile of the Auger Torque allowed us to use it in tight areas. It allowed us to get up close to a chain link fence to get a gate operator up. We are able to get close to buildings or anywhere there might be some structure in the way. The profile allowed us to get closer without snagging the fence or damaging it.

This is a new piece of equipment for us.

The Auger Torque has already proven to us to be a top performer in our books. We’ve been able to get jobs done fast and in tough conditions get right through it.

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