Rhino GPD-40 vs. GPD-45 Post Drivers

Comparing Rhino’s GPD-40 and GPD-45 post drivers

Today, we are going to show a comparison of the Rhino GPD-40 and GPD-45 post drivers. We are going to pound an 8 foot post four feet into the ground, actually a little more than four feet. This is showing tough conditions. The conditions are clay and rock and we are going to see how it pounds in.

I’m going to go from one to the other starting with the GPD-40.

The gas pounder has an advantage over the air pounders in the fact that you are not hooked up to an air compressor and a hose, not tethered down. You can actually get to a jobsite with less equipment. You just have to haul the gas pounder in. They’re light. They’re not that heavy. They’re easy to start, easy to use and you tell this post is going down with no hiccups. It’s running smoothly right into the ground.

The GPD-40 had no problems getting the post into the ground. We were 8 feet up in the air. We didn’t seem to hit any rocks in this case, just the hard clay. It went down nice a smooth all the way into the ground a little more than four feet deep. No problems at all. It was nice an easy to run, wasn’t heavy and easy to control.

Now I’m going to go over to the GPD-45 and try the same thing.

You do have to run it off the ladder when the post is that tall. Granted, if you have taller people and they can reach it and you didn’t have to drive it four feet into the ground you wouldn’t even need a ladder. But the ladder was not a problem. We have level ground here. It wasn’t a problem to use. For a small job it was nice an easy to get in and out of.

The GPD-45 worked very well on this shot. It went a little faster and despite hitting a rock it went into the ground a little faster than GPD-40. There’s not a whole lot difference, just five pounds. It seemed to want to run a little bit faster. They both did a great job but this one here did get it down a little bit faster.

It was 1:10 compared to 1:39.

That was pounding in two of them. It was the GPD-40 and GPD-45. Both went in very well even though we have tough clay conditions. The top of the posts don’t look like they mushroomed at all so it was a good job.

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