Delta Fenceman visits Fence Tech 2012!

L&C Enterprises-USA had FUN connecting with fencing companies at Fence Tech 2012.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Fence Tech 2012 brought new and old friends to the L&C Enterprises-USA booth. The company made its 22nd appearance at the industry trade show held this year at the Miami Beach Convention Center Jan. 25-27.

Fence Tech 2012 was sponsored by the American Fence Association. L&C Enterprises-USA highlighted its pre-formed Easy Twist fence ties and fence installation equipment at the show.

“It was a good opportunity to talk with those in the fence industry about using our ties and equipment,” said Jeff Lancour, president of L&C Enterprises-USA. “The response was very good, and we appreciated the chance to talk with new potential clients and those we currently work with.”

Many of those attending the show are current clients at L&C Enterprises-USA.

Rick Richard, national account director with the company, said it was important to reconnect with them at the trade show. “I had a great time meeting with old friends from companies who have dealt with us over the years. I talk with them all time, but it is nice to be able to meet with them face-to-face,” he said.

Ron Chouinard, vice president of L&C Enterprises-USA, was interviewed during the show by Fence-TV, a new program for members of AFA. He talked about the company’s new marketing strategy during the interview that was sent out to AFA members after the show. “Education is the biggest key,” he said. “We are trying to gear our website toward educating fencers. We have a series of videos on YouTube now that features our equipment running jobs.”

L&C Enterprises-USA ran ads in Fence TV shows during the trade show. The show was aired in area motels and in the convention hall.

The videos can be seen on L&C Enterprises-USA’s Facebook page. The page can be accessed at

The company mascot, Fenceman, also made an appearance connecting with fencing companies at Fence Tech 2012. The costumed superhero attracted a lot attention from photographers attending the show.

The convention marked the 50th anniversary of the AFA. L&C Enterprises-USA connecting with fencing companies at Fence Tech 2012 was special. L&C Enterprises-USA has been a member of the association since the company began in 1987.

As leaders in the Michigan fencing industry,

L&C Enterprise-USA believes placing emphasis on working with people. We are dedicated to providing fencing solutions that keep you safe, secure and look elegant. We believe that the products L&C Enterprise-USA offers, helps take the strain off of your fence crews and satisfy your customers. Leadership is by example.

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