Dispose Used Chain Link Fence with Rapid Roller

In this video, we are rolling up an 8 foot tall chain link fence that we have to remove on a project at an airport. We dropped the wire down, laid it right on the ground. We cut it into 100 foot rolls and rolled them right up with the Rapid Roller.

Most contractors just roll the used chain like fence fabric up by hand which is tough to do. It’s back breaking labor. We like to roll 100 foot rolls which get very heavy if you’re going to do it by hand.

The Rapid Roller will roll it up pretty darn quick. It doesn’t take but 30 or 40 seconds to roll up a roll.

When I run the Rapid Roller, I run it up in the air about 5 feet. It allows me to see a little bit better while going forward but it also allows any debris in the fabric to fall free before I roll it up.

The Rapid Roller uses a core that is a 2 ½ inch pipe or tubing. It has rods that stick through it where the fabric will hook up. The fabric is just laid on top of those hooks and the Rapid Roller rolls it right up.

When we are done rolling up the rolls, we leave the cores inside. We typically sell the rolls to other consumers or use them as temp fence somewhere else. They roll up in such nice rolls that people pay a premium for them. They look real good. As long as most of the garbage is out of it they’ll pay good money for it.

It saves in efficiency, manpower, there’s no workman’s comp because you’re not lifting any weight and it’s faster to use.


  1. Chris Fudge said:
    December 11, 2018 at 11:44 am

    I would like some information on your used fabric roller. Will it run on a high flow machine and how much does it cost.

    • Tristan Kuntze said:
      December 27, 2018 at 9:45 am

      Hi Chris!

      Give us a call at (800) 786-1009 so that we can better assist you in you specific situation.

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