Using the Rhino GPD-40 Post Driver to finish the fence job in inclement weather

rhino gpd 40Today, we are working in a backyard. We are putting in a fence for a dog. We are driving in the post with the new Rhino GPD-40. It will allow us to pound both the 2-inch line posts and 2 ½-inch corner posts. We have a couple of posts when put in concrete because of the gate. We used some Rapid Rock to make it quick.

Today is not a very good day. It was raining out this morning. It may rain again. So, pounding the post with the Rhino GPD-40 is a very good option so you don’t have to deal with concrete getting wet and having to cover things up so they don’t get wet. We can work in and out of the rain and get this job done still today even though it’s going to rain for a while.

I already have the string lines up. I like to use a string line. I usually set it about six inches off of the ground to allow for grass or any other obstacles. It’s not going to affect the string line. In my corners, I have two stakes. And there’s a stake in the middle there just to hold the strings up. I have marks on all my posts to allow me to drive the post down to the string line to the mark. All of the posts should be one right after the other, straight on in, take care of them all.

We also have to take care of Miss Digg out here before we start pounding. You want to make sure that you call the utility companies that mark all of your utilities for you. Today, we are working around electricity and telephone. We have propane on one side and private lines. The private lines, the utility companies will mark those so you have to make sure that you have those marked whether you do it or hire someone else to do it. You do not want to hit any of those lines. You could get electrocuted or really cause damage to the some of these utilities.

We have about 30 posts. I expect to be done pounding in about a half an hour, 40 minutes tops.

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