Gas-powered driver pounds fence post for residential chain link project

Today, we are working on a chain link fence for a backyard that is needed to hold a dog. We are going to be using a Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro gas-powered post driver to help pound the post in.

We already have some of the corners pounded in. It’s strung, and so, we can pound the line posts in fairly quickly. We did concrete the corners in.

We have some tight areas. There’s an area with concrete. The fence is going to go right tight to it so I need to pound the post right up to the concrete.

I have another tight area by some trees. We will be pounding in the fence post in between the roots. Instead of digging and having a bigger hole that could injure too many roots, I felt as though we could pound them right between them and we can get the job done nice and quick.

Anytime we pound in the post we drive them in deeper to hold the fence up a lot better.

We’ll be using the Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro with the new chuck. We are inserting the 2-inch adapter for the line posts. You just unscrew the collar to hold the adaptor. It was set for 2 ½-inch pipe for the corners but you can also pound with the 2-inch. We already did all of the 2 ½-inch so we are going to change it over and put in the 2-inch adaptor sleeve.

It took us about 10 minutes to pound the nine posts in. There was no mushrooming at the top of the posts. They pounded down fairly easily.

It did its job. We just have to finish framing it and stretch the fence and we will be out of here.

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