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How Easy Twist Fence Ties differ from Twist Tight Fence Ties

People are often confused on the difference between an Easy Twist Fence Tie and a Twist Tight Fence Tie.

Both are manufactured by us.

The Easy Twist Tie is typically a round tie. This is designed to go around one side of a diamond of a chain link fence. The Twist Tight Tie is typically shaped with one side flat and is designed to go around one full diamond, two sides of the diamond on a chain link fence.

Easy Twist Fence Ties vs. Twist Tight Fence Ties

The Twist Tight Fence Tie catches a full diamond. It usually twists in the back. It will draw the two wires tight to the post. By drawing it tight, you get fewer false alarms on surveillance systems. And when it is twisted in the back and tied around the two wires on a diamond, an inmate can’t twist it around to the inside and untwist it. That’s why it’s designed mostly for prisons with surveillance systems.

The Easy Twist Fence Tie is a rounder tie going around one wire of a diamond only, the inside diamond closest to the post. It only grabs the one wire. You typically twist it on the side so that the end is out of the way after you twist it. It is twisted on the inside of the fence and will hold fast.

Other designs depend on the shape of the posts.

An Easy Twist Tie designed for a C-Post looks more like a square. But it still only grabs one wire which is why it is an Easy Twist Tie. The T-Post Tie is more of a triangle shape but, again, it only grabs one wire on a T-post. It pinches together and twists with the Easy Twist Chuck.

An Easy Twist Chuck will,

twist all of the Easy Twist Ties by sliding the ends inside and twist with a power drill. One end of the tie will break off after it is twisted. It won’t draw down any tighter than what it takes to twist it. That’s all the tighter it will draw.

Twist Tight Ties


Twist Tight Ties use a different chuck to twist.

They come in different sizes to fit up to a four-inch posts. They are typically designed for up to a two-inch mesh. The ties for a mini mesh are, again, designed a little bit different but what makes it a Twist Tight Tie is that it goes around a full diamond.

Hopefully, that helps clear up any confusion on the differences between an Easy Twist Tie and a Twist Tight Tie.

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