Installink fence dispenser quickly stretches a chain link fence fabric

L&C Enterprises New Website Launches

The start of this blog is exciting because it marks the beginning of a new direction for our company. We have re-focused on an effort to help fencing companies learn better ways of installing fence. It was a goal when we first started selling our Installink Fence Dispensers. It’s become more possible as we expand into social media. Our new website is a part of that. You can also follow what we are talking about on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. The videos at YouTube will concentrate on how we do things and how you can benefit from it. It’s a great way to see fence crews in action. Please feel free to offer your suggestions as well. That way we can all work together to learn how to do a better job of installing fence. The goal is to be successful in a tough economy. It’s a dialogue we can all benefit from. Like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Flickr, bookmark our website and submit your email for updates. And return to this blog.

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