Lobo Extreme pulls and handles tall posts with ease

Perfect for athletic fields.

Today we are at the Escanaba ball field. We’re replacing an old backstop with a taller netting system.

It’s going to go up about 25 feet in the air, I believe, with this new netting system. But with the taller posts with the backstop, we’re actually able to use the Lobo Post Puller, the Extreme model, which with the change of pounds breakage or lift power from 17,000 pounds to 29,000 pounds, they are calling it the Extreme.

With the Lobo Extreme we had about ten posts here that we pulled out and laid down. We had very good control over it. The weight of the concrete was no problem popping these things out. Moving them from one place to another, we were very careful as we move them. We moved slowly because we were on the turf of the baseball diamond, and we had to drop these down in a certain position, so we don’t ruin anything. We have fences around us, we have bleachers around us and buildings, so we had to be careful where we dropped them. Now, we are going to go back and cut them all off and dispose of the concrete.

The height of these posts were actually about 16 feet.

21 feet total. It was not a problem moving them around. It had very good control when we grabbed it with the extra weight on the bottom. Works like a plum bob almost, keeps the posts nice and straight. The clamp holds the posts very tight, and we were able to drop them anywhere we want them.

We were also able to get into tight places. We had some telephone poles that we were able to get the Lobo up tight against. There was an existing fence that was right next to it that we had to pull out. It went in there nice and easy. Didn’t have any problems. Plenty of clearance.

We had some concrete that was also in our way.

It was right up to the concrete. The concrete was almost right on top of it but there was just enough room to get by it. We were able to pop them out with no problems. If it was underneath it, we would have probably would have to dig on the side a little bit first and then pulls it back before we could pop it out. And would have used the Lobo at that point to pop it out but we were lucky. We weren’t that close. We weren’t touching the concrete.

We also had some buildings that were really close but the control with the Lobo was able to help us maneuver around those and do our job with no problems.

This Lobo Extreme, we used to have the regular Lobo. The regular Lobo only had the 17,000 pounds lift power. This Lobo has 29,000 pounds. This Lobo definitely outperforms the old one but even the old one would have been able to pop these out because they weren’t extremely large. We’ve been able to pull out some two-foot ones prior.

This Lobo Extreme is very simple to use. No grunts and groans. Just pick these things right up and got it out of the way.

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