Maneuverability of a gas powered post driver

We put to the test the new Rhino GPD-30 Gas Powered Post Driver while on a residential fence project. It was small project to close off the backyard for a dog. It required driving 8 foot posts to 5 feet to close off a backyard for a dog. The gas powered Rhino post driver was ideal for the project. It could be completed in a single day because it did not require the use of concrete to set the posts. Not only did we not have to work on the project for multiple days, it also saved on the cost of concrete and labor.

The Rhino gas powered post driver is really fast and efficient. On this project we only used a quarter throttle and it was still driving it down faster than we needed it to. Depending on the type of soil, you can amp the throttle up more or less depending on what you want. It also allowed for accuracy as you came down to the depth you want to put the post in.

Because the post was so high, we had to use a ladder to use the driver. There were two ways we tried to hoist the Rhino gas powered post driver up to use on the post. The first method was to stand it up using two people, one person on the bottom and the other person at the top of the post, to raise it up into position. The second way was for the operator to get up on the ladder and the other to hand the post driver up to the operator.

Compared to a manual post pounder, the Rhino Gas Powered Post Driver saves on elbows and wrists and saves on your energy and muscles. It is designed with an internal vibration that dampens a jack-hammer effect. It’s far more efficient and easier on the body.

The project turned out very well. It went into smoothly and was completed quickly. It is a must have tool for any fence contractor.

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