Pop old posts right out with manual fence post puller

Today we are working on a chain link job where the owner called us to change out the four foot high chain link to five foot chain link. In regards to that, we had existing post that were set in concrete. We had to pull out four or five posts in one area.

With the posts in concrete, we used the Rhino MP-3 Post Puller to pull the post out. It was a one person job. You just wrap the chain around the posts and pop them right out. They actually come out quite easy with the Rhino post puller.

It is made for hand carrying so you can carry right onto the job site. For small jobs, it works really, really well. If you had a large job, a commercial job, this is probably not the product you would want. The Lobo Post Puller would probably be the thing I would use if it was a larger job that’s commercial and a lot of concrete. Obviously, these commercial jobs don’t have that much concrete. Or if they didn’t have concrete and you want to pull the post out, this would still work very well for that.

The Rhino Post Puller has an arm, actually an arm within an arm, so you can extend it to give you a little more leverage to pop those posts out. There is also linkage on the chain where it hooks up to the post puller to pull it out slower or faster with one position having more torque than the other one.

With the Rhino Post Puller the concrete pulls out pretty easy. You have one man that puts the chain around it and with the leverage behind it, it just pops right out.

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