New Easy Twist Fence Tie for 6 5/8 inch post

Today, I’m here to talk about our 6 5/8” Easy Twist Tie. It’s a new product for us. It’s shaped a little bit differently than our other Easy Twist products. The other ones are actually round. This has a U-shape to it or half-moon style.

It’s designed this way for installation purposes. It can be a little tricky if you don’t know how to install them. Being that the post is a lot bigger it’s hard to install a shape that’s completely round.

This is how you would install it.

Take one of the ends and pass it through the fabric next to the post. Pass the tie over the first wire. We are only going over the one wire. After you pass it through, you lift the tie up until it lies flat in the diamond run from the wire.

Once it’s up in the diamond run you go back to the other end. It will easily pull around the post. Draw it around so the ends come together. After you bring the ends together, use the drill bit attached to your drill. Hold it tight and twist the tie.

You’re all done. It’s as simple as that.

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