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New product for our lineup of fencing equipment

fence equipmentWe are always on the constant look out for fencing equipment that improves the working conditions of professional fence installers, speeds up the process of installation to create a competitive edge and increase company profits. It’s a mission established right from the start of the company when we invented the Installink fence dispenser to install commercial chain link fence quickly and professionally.

Since then, we have either developed new fencing equipment to meet the needs of our fence crews or sought equipment that did a great job getting the task done. Often, we end up focusing on big equipment that can make our life easier. But we don’t want to overlook the smaller things that can also help us get the job done fast.

A new product we are adding to our lineup in December fits the second point. We have been testing a new product developed by one of our suppliers that we are very excited about. The fence crew has taken it out on the job to see if it would help complete our mission. It has proven to be better than we anticipated.

It is a must have tool for every contractor. We are excited about adding it to our lineup of fencing equipment. We will be able to tell you what it is in December. Return to our website or see our ad in World Fence News.

It’s part of our continuing effort to help fence companies succeed. On that point, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure you get our free report on the condition of the fence industry. The information is important and vital to survival in tough economic times. Just put your email in the red box at the top of the page.

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