New Rhino GPD-40 Pounds Larger Fence Post

New rhino gpd 40We are putting up 4-foot black vinyl chain link.

We have 2-inch post and 2 1/2-inch post to install. The 2 1/2-inch post are, of course, being used as our terminal posts. Because of the location of half of this fence that happens to go through a wooded area we decided we would use longer posts and pound the ones in the woods. We are going to set the other ones in concrete like we typically do.

With the woods being half of this job,

it was much easier to walk in the woods with Rhino GPD-40 Gas Powered Post Driver and bring a ladder than it would be to try and get concrete in, mixing the concrete and wheelbarrowing it in. Probably would have spilled half of it wheelbarrowing it in. We elected to get longer posts and pound them in.

At the fence site, we didn’t do a lot of clearing. We cleared enough to get the fence in. By carrying the Rhino GPD-40 Gas Powered Post Driver in with us it did make it a lot easier to walk through the woods. Wheelbarrowing it would have been tough. The 2 1/2-inch pounder was very easy to use. It went down very quickly. This job had roots, it had sand. It wouldn’t have been too harder with a hand pounder, but it was sure nice to have a gas pounder. It went down quick. Once it was on the post you didn’t have to do any lifting like with a hand pounder. We just stood it up and pounded it down. It went very quick, very efficient and we loved it.

We also used the Rhino GPD-40 Gas Powered Post Driver

on the 2-inch post. In most cases, if you have a heavier post the 2-inch post would probably be fine with the 2 1/2-inch pounder. But you are using light post like we did in this case, it was hard to hold the 2 1/2-inch pounder on the 2-inch post straight and level because there is a little bit of twist to it. If you are not careful with it you could damage the top of the post if it’s light tubing. It could bend easier. I recommend you use the 2-inch Rhino GPD-30 Gas Powered Post Driver with the light posts and 2 1/2-inch pounder with the heavier one.

The Rhino GPD-40 Gas Powered Post Driver is very quick and simple. We really enjoyed using it on this job. We are going to be able to set all of these posts, a 450-foot job, with two guys we are going to be able to set half of them and pound the other half all in one day with no problems at all and still be out of here at a decent hour.

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