Pre-Shaped Fence Easy Twist Ties Perfect For Commercial Chain Link Job

Pre-shaped fence ties Easy Twist Ties are perfect for small commercial chain link job

Today, we are doing an enclosure for a company that does a lot of welding and sells a lot of welding gear. They have oxygen tanks that are coming in and they need this enclosure done. It’s a six foot high fence. Small enclosure, it’s about 16×16 feet. There are a couple of gates on it, one in the back and one in the front. The makeup of the fence is basic, top, bottom and middle rail stretched in with 9 gauge chain link fence and tied in with our 11 gauge pre-shaped fence ties called Easy Twist Ties.

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Steve is working on tying the job himself. He took the ties, went around and stuffed them all, spacing them all out. Doing it this way, you don’t have to carry the drill around with you. You stuff the whole job and then go back and tie the job. It takes two passes but one person can do the whole job.

The 11 gauge Easy Twist Ties allows us to use our battery powered drills a lot longer. They are quicker, easier to pinch in. Instead of aluminum ties we prefer to use the steel pre-shaped fence ties. The Easy Twist Ties are the best way to go for steel ties.

It is cold out. With the Easy Twist Ties being steel it is much quicker. The guys can pinch and use the drill. They don’t have to use their pliers. Many companies will use the 9 gauge or 6 gauge aluminum ties on a commercial job like this but no matter how you look at it the 11 gauge steel ties are still stronger and won’t come off.

Today, it was actually a breeze even though it is cold out. It’s probably below freezing right now. It’s probably closer to 25 degrees. We can use our gloves with the Easy Twist Ties and drill. It went nice and quick and simple.


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