Problems with hook ties compared to pre-formed chain link fence ties

For years, the standard for the fence industry has been to tie fabric with aluminum hook ties.

It’s fast, easy and inexpensive. But while on a routine bid spec inspection for the State of Michigan, Delta Fence and Contruction owner Jeff Lancour kicked the fence they were looking at. The hook ties sprung, and the fabric became loose. Everyone was stunned. It meant the fence was not secure. What good was barbed wire on top when the fence could be simply kicked or pulled to allow the person to crawl underneath. The challenge was to see how pre-formed chain link fence ties would hold up.

The fence was an actual fence line at an airport.

It’s only a few years old and has not been altered in any way. The randomly chosen section of the fence was kicked….and pulled…with the same result. The hook ties sprung loose. It was a cause for concern for the airport’s maintenance personnel.

The loosened hook ties were replaced with pre-formed chain link fence ties called Easy Twist Ties and kicked. The fabric didn’t budge. In fact, the kick started to damage the fabric, yet the tie held.

Clearly, using the easy twist tie is more secure than a hook tie.

Another section of fence secured with a 6-guage hook tie was kicked with the same result…sprung hook ties. This time the fence was secured with a Self-Locking Fabric Band. The band held so tight that the kick damaged the fabric. Self-Locking Fabric bands are ideal in safety situations such as ball parks, playgrounds and schools. Although it was a surprise that the hook ties came loose when the fence was kicked, this airport has long struggle with loosing hook ties.

The installation standards for the fencing industry are clearly not enough to fulfill today’s security concerns.

When you are planning to install a fence for security, insist on Easy Twist and Twist Tight Ties and for a safe environment in recreational and school areas insist on self-locking fabric ties.

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