Provide incentives when stretching barbed wire with a Barbed Wire Dispenser

Stretching Barbed WireA fence company called the other day,

to ask me a couple of questions in regard to the production of a Barbed Wire Dispenser. He owns a dispenser and knows I also installed chain link fence, especially at airports where there are long fence lines.

The fence he installs is primarily 10 foot tall with three strands of barbed wire on top. He had asked me what kind of production rates I get. I told him I don’t really have anything to compare it to with him because of the equipment that we use; we put ourselves in a unique position because we can actually stretch barbed wire and tie the fence at the same time. So I don’t have an individual production rate. I more or less tell people I can stretch barbed wire basically for free because it’s happening while we tie the fence. When I do them both at the same time, there is no extra time putting up the barbed wire because I’m making the one lap around the fence line. I’m installing barbed wire at the same time as I am tying the fence.

So, I asked him the question,

“How is your crew doing?” He says, “We’re doing pretty good. We’re getting 5,000 feet a day up that’s 10-foot tall.” I said that sounds pretty good.

He mentioned to me that he felt his crew should be able to do more. I said I think that also should be possible but again I can’t compare it to anything. I asked how much he thinks his crew should be able to do. He says they should be able to do 7,000 feet a day. If that’s the case, I said he should give them an incentive.

Give the crew an incentive.

When man first brought the five-minute mile, they thought it was impossible to do until someone actually broke it. And now that it’s broken, now it’s common. So, if you can give your guys and incentive to do 6,000 to 7,000 feet a day by using the Barbed Wire Dispenser, once they do it and they know it’s achievable you’ll find out they’ll do it more often.

I think all companies should offer incentives on production rates they want to achieve. If they are digging holes, stretching fence or stretching barbed wire or even tying. Give your men an incentive to see if they can break their records. Once they do it once you’re going to find out they are going to do it over and over again and you’re going to get more of these jobs because your production rate is better than your competitors.

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